In Memory of the late
Wolodymyr Golash

*5-25-1924 / + 3- 15-1979
This Web Page, UKEMONDE,  is dedicated to the memory of my late father, Wolodymyr Golash.  I thank him  for instilling his strong beliefs in family, faith in God and
patriotism in one's country.  All this has burned inside of me for over 30 years, and today I am able to express his and my own feelings through this Web Page Project. 
His dreams of seeing a free and independent Ukraine were not realized, but we bask in this glory of seeing all that he and so many other courageous freedom fighters
dreamed of and struggled for so hard, come true to reality.

Slava Ukrayini,
    Slava Heroyam, Ukrayini!!!!

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