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Montreal Ukes Win Dominion Carling Cup

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September 28, 1957

Technical Display And Better Defence
Assured Ukes of 2 - 1 Victory Over
Vancouver's North Shore Team

Team picture after winning performance
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      Yes, gentlemen, the Ukes did it.  Storming through rain and mud, splashing through puddles of water which made Faillon Field's very green grass most treacherous for foot and eye (note: a soccer ball doesn't bounce at all on water), Montreal's Ukraina won the Dominion Championship, and with it the English Association's trophy.
    They beat the Vancouver North Shore power-house, 2-1, by the simple method of out powering them in attack, and showing considerably more steadiness of defense under pressure.
     At that, it was no procession for the B.C. crew were dangerous to the very last shot, and the carefully drawn-up arrangements for overtime in case of a draw were all but dragged out for everybody to see.  "Everybody" was a packed house with stands overflowing the corners.
    It was lanky Joe Feeney who put the coup de grace to the visitors to the fair city of Montreal which was then hiding discretely under a blanket of clouds, from which oozed a steady drizzle, the tail end of the previous day's downpour.
Three times, Pete Waskiw, that sturdy and tireless workman, had cut down the right to blast two steaming shots which goalie Joe Travis just managed to knock down.
This time with 15 minutes to go, he took Johnny Pollock's pass to the very end line, to swerve suddenly to shake Ben Hackman, who slid past on the greasy turf.  The angle was to thin for a shot worth the while, so as Travis covered the near post, "pistol" Pete flipped the ball over to the on-coming Feeney, who had a clear run to the back of the net, after heading the winner.

Article was written by: Doug Cambell

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"Pistol" Pete Waskiw

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