S.A. UKRAINA 1949-1969

S.A. UKRAINA 1969.
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    I missed the very first game "Dnipro" played, but heard so much about them that I decided to see what this new gang really looked like.  It was then that I first met Jarry Sklar, George Bachinsky, Roman Bojko, Boris Denysewych, Danny Pilat and the rest.  Few could speak English except Jerry Kulba, who did most of the talking, anyway.  My Ukie is still bad.
    The name was changes to "Ukraina," and when the following year the great "Italia" squad started , there came a humerous language issue.  The Italians naturally talked Italian among themselves, but several Ukes chimed in too, much to their surprise.  They had spent the War years in Italy, and were quite fluent.  Result: no more private signals in Italian.
    That was the year of the big battles with "Polonia" at Charlevoix and Notre Dame, with such Ukes as Kozar, Hopaliwsky, Iwaniw, Zwonyk, Pete Waskiw starting his brilliant career and Bohdan Kluchnyk on the right wing before going to Ontario.
    The Italians' five year reign without defeat left little for the Ukes, but I was present when they battled Toronto Ulster into overtime in 1955 Dominion and the Torontoese refusal to continue sent the locals into the grand final against Westminister Royals at Toronto.  By then, Jimmy MacAuley was on goal, Bill Drake at pivot, Cammie Buchanan and Tony Fitzharris up front, and I was there when they only bowed out in a third game.  Stan Palinsky alone is left now.
    I was also there when they won the big trophy in the rain before a packed Faillon Field, after taking the Quebec Trophy from the great "Sparta," 2-0, following 1-1 and 0-0.  That was their finest hour, for the Ukes had to come from behind Ions goal, a Steckiw-Pollock move sent Waskiw in.  The winning 2-1 marker came with 15 minutes left, Pollock to Waskiw, Joe Feeney heading home.
    For the record, that wiunning line up: MacAuley; Hrycyn; and Ursika; Snelyk, Shapka and McVicar; Pollock, Steckiw, Waskiw, Feeney and O'Neill.  Subs: Sim and Resch.
    I also went to Sudbury this summer when Jesus Monje's penalty-kicks earned the run to St. John's, Newfoundland, where Kutic and Stipersky put them into the final.
    What's next?  If they keep that gang together, I could be seeing them in another final.

Article written by: Doug C. Campbell

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