Canada to celebrate 120th anniversary of settlement of Ukrainians

Canada to celebrate 120th anniversary of settlement of Ukrainians

Ukrainian Community in Quebec

1 - Ukrainian History in Quebec

Ukrainians came to Quebec in three discernible waves,  in three separate time periods.  The effect the three waves have had on the character of the community has not been evaluated systematically, although it is generally agreed that the community has been invigorated by the arrival of the third wave.

Ukrainians brought with them more that their language, customs, religion and folklore.  Each wave of immigration also brought a different intellectual baggage or mentality.  For example, the two clusters of pre-1947 arrivals came largely for economic reasons, whereas the post-1947 group was predominately compromised of political refugees.

The first group of Ukrainian settlers, which we will call Fragment I, arrived in Quebec between 1902 and 1914 and can be described as "Immigrant-Pioneers."  Fragment II, the "emigré-Patriots," arrived between 1922 and 1929.  Fragment III, the Refugee-Nationalists," arrived between 1947 and 1954.  The term "pioneers," "emigrés" and "refugees" are used as derivatives of different historical contexts to characterize the different waves of Ukrainian settlement in Quebec.

You can read the History of Ukrainians in Quebec at the following links below, from the book of essays, the Quebec Centennial Commission the centennial projects honoring the Ukrainian pioneers who settled in Quebec.

2 -  Ukrainian Organizations

3 -  Ukrainian Churches

4 -  Ukrainian School

5 -  Ukrainian Events


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