Ukraine's independence struggle
From: Stepan Pasicznyk

Regarding 60th Anniversary celebrations there is another angle I have been no doubt like the rest of you thinking about, ie that not of only asking about Soviet war crimes, but that isue of recognising the real heroes or Ukraines liberation struggle at the victory parades, and even by having a big statue of Sichovy Strilets, Upivets, and member of Divisia Halychyna in a prominenet place in Kyiv, a bit like the monument to the "unkown soldier" in every other Eurpean Capital city.

As we here know, the Orange revolution was a culmintation of the historic idea of Ukrainian statehood, carried like a torch though history by key figures we recognise.

But many in Ukriane of the less politically aware may find some of these figures/organisations a little problematic, such as Mazepa, Konovaltets, Hrushevsky, Bandera, Shukhevych (snr & jnr), UNA, UPA and OUN.

I have put a video together for our adaptation of Razom Nas Bahato which challenges this, and when you watch it you will see what I mean.

It also serves as a representation of Ukraine's independence struggle, with images of these leaders set against a backdrop of tv and video archive footage of the Orange Revolution, and hopfully can serve as a great little multimedia lesson for kiddies at Ukie Saturday or Sunday school, first to identify the figures who appear as ghost like portraits during the video, and second to say a few words about them.

See it more as an art/political challenge/statement than a pop video. I think that although done on a limited budget of lots of time at a PC, and zero funding, you will like it.

It is 6 meg, and downloadable here

Kind regards,