Former OSI lawyer Neal Sher disbarred
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Top Holocaust Industry Officer Fired for Embezzling
One of the world's prominent figures in both the Israeli lobby and the Holocaust
industry has been caught stealing money intended for Holocaust survivors.
By Michael Collins Piper (American Free Press)
November 18, 2002
Exposed as an embezzler, Neal Sher was forced out of his post as chief of staff in the Washington office of the International commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC). Sher was caught taking "unauthorized reimbursements" on his extravagant worldwide travel expenses for the ICHEIC.

Sher - a longtime leading figure in the worldwide Jewish community and a widely promoted "media star" - was effectively stealing from Holocaust survivors and their heirs by ripping off the ICHEIC.

Another of the growing Holocaust industry's leading forces, the ICHEIC was established jointly by a variety of leading European insurance companies, Holocaust survivor groups, state insurance commissioners, top Jewish organizations and the Israeli government to sort out and resolve claims by Holocaust survivors who allege that insurance companies refuse to pay their family's insurance policies.

Although Sher's resignation was announced on June 20, it was not known until recently that he had been the subject of a highly secretive, top-drawer corruption investigation carried out as the direction of former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger, himself the well paid chairman of the ICHEIC.

The sher scandal was considered so "sensitive" to Jewish lobby public relations concerns that Eagleberger actually asked William Webster, former director of the FBI and the CIA, to convene a formal high-level review of the secret internal investigation that led to Sher's forced resignation.

Sher's pilfering lends credence to the charge by many that "the Holocaust' has essentially become "a racket," a point driven home by American Jewish Professor Norman G. Finkelstein in his controversial book, The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering.

Finkelstein was denied academic tenure for writing that book because he raised questions about the ICHEIC and its profiteering administrators.

Another who has reason to smile at Sher's takedown is former Rep. Jim Traficant (D-Ohio).

For 11 years, until his departure in 1994, Sher was the director of the secretive "Nazi hunting" Office of the Special Investigations (OSI) inside the Justice Department. From his post as OSI, Sher and the OSI for framing Ukraine-born Cleveland autoworker John Demjanjuk, even the Supreme Court of Israel cleared Demjanjuk of the false charges of Sher and the OSI.

After leaving the OSI, Sher went on to serve as executive director of AIPAC, the powerful Israeli lobby unit that listed Traficant - a critic of U.S. favoritism toward Israel - as its number one target.

Ultimately, a clique of Justice department lawyers - using Sher-=style tactics - concocted a trumped-up corruption case against Traficant and sent the populist congressman to prison this past year.

As AFP noted on Feb. 18, the late former U.S. Attorney General Eliot Richardson, while serving as the attorney for the INSLAW corporation, discovered that the OSI was responsible for the theft of INSLAW's famous "Promis" surveillance software (which was then turned over to agents of Israel's intelligence service, the Mossad). The INSLAW scandal is ranked as one of the major scandals of the Reagan-Bush era.

Richardson also made the shocking allegation that Sher's OSI operated a covert-operations intelligence unit inside the Justice Department, involved in assassinations and other acts designed to silence American political dissidents.

At the time the INSLAW scandal was coming into the open, The Spotlight newspaper led the media in publicizing the affair. A Justice department attrney who was promoted to a federal judgeship in return for his services on behalf of the OSI thieves - S. Martin Teel - later issued the controversial ruling that killed Liberty Lobby, publisher of The Spotlight.

Despite having confessed to misappropriating Holocaust restitution council funds for his own use, the ex-OSI chief, Sher, will apparently not face criminal charges. Because of his close ties to the Justice department and because of his long-standing services to high-level forces in the global Jewish elite, Sher will not go to prison.

Although the story of Sher's thievery has been reported in the Jewish newspaper, Forward, the major media - radio, television and newspapers - loudly and repeatedly promoted Sher as some sort of "hero" who was "hunting Nazis" and "Protecting the interests of our ally, Israel."

Sher is said to have reimbursed the Holocaust outfit for the fund that he stole. His longtime secretary at the OSI - who still works for new OSI chief Eli Rosenbaum - hung up when AFP called to ask if the OSI would be investigating possible misuse of OSI funds by Sher during his tenure at the organization.

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