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Disinformation on Ukraine's Freedom Fighters

One of the most famous opposition leaders during and after the Second World War was Stepan Bandera.
The aim of the Bandera was to gain  independence for Ukraine.   Bandera's name became synonymous
with Ukrainian nationalism during the Soviet era.  Many lies have been published in the Ukrainiaphobe
media about Stepan Bandera and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN).   This organization
has been portrayed as having perpetrated such heinous crimes as mass killing of many people including Jews.

                                   "The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) supported the idea of an
                                    independent Ukraine. During World War II it was split in two factions called
                                    Melnykivtsi and Banderivtsi headed by Andrey Melnyk and Stepan Bandera.
                                    They both struggled against Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia and sometimes
                                    had divergent views with each other but they were united by the idea of
                                    independence for Ukraine. Moscow saw the Ukrainian nationalists as a dire
                                    threat and produced much Soviet propaganda blackening them especially
                                    Bandera who was accused of crimes against Ukrainians and Jews. The
                                    Kremlin also early in the War started a campaign of promoting patriotism with
                                    Russian (not Soviet) nationalism and chauvinism which culminated in the
                                    famous toast to the Russian people by Joseph Stalin on May 24, 1945." (InfoUkes)

    A great fiasco was the CBS investigative journalism show 60 Minutes titled The Ugly Face of Freedom,
produced by Jeffrey Fager and hosted by Morley Safer, portraying Ukrainians as Nazi collaborators.  What the
world doesn't know is that these lies have been fabricated by the Soviet propaganda machine to cover up their
own atrocities onto the Ukrainian people.  The same NKVD (later to become KGB), out of every 10 senior members
of the Cheka-GPU-NKVD in Ukraine:

                                    6 were Jewish,
                                    2 were Russian,
                               1 was Ukrainian, and
                                      1 was other

    The Ukrainian community took CBS to court for these accusations and lies which were directed toward the
Ukrainian community and won the case.  CBS was forced to pay the lawyers' fees in the settlement. CBS and
Mike Wallace actually said it was acceptable to distort the facts, and admitted to their lying. The FCC (Federal
Communication Commission) which ruled in favor of the Ukrainians and condemned CBS for distorting the truth
but  CBS never actually apologized for hurting the Ukrainians, for viewing this particular episode.

    Another calumniator in the disinformation department is no one other than Simon Wiesenthal.  While a Ukrainian
policeman with the surname Bodnar saved his life, Simon Wiesenthal  goes about propagating that Ukrainians were
co-conspirators with the Nazi regime.  Before speaking about Ukrainians being co-conspirators, he should look in
the mirror and see who truly was a conspirator against "his own Jewish people."

"I bring to your attention the following excerpt from an article by L. A. Ruvinsky published in the Ukrainian
Historical Journal in 1985: After the end of the Second World War, the former head of the Lviv Gestapo,
P. Krause, replying to a question put by the writer V. P. Bieliaev, testified: "If on our side, in the Gestapo,
there had not worked several agents from among the Zionists, we would never have been able to capture
and destroy such a large number of Jews, who were living under false documents and assumed names."
For example, in July 1941, Zionist Simon Wiesenthal, together with 39 other representatives of the Lviv
intelligentsia, found himself in prison.  Somehow, as a result of a "mysterious confluence of circumstances"
all the arrested except for himself were shot, and he was freed.  It is not surprising that after this, this Zionist 
provocateur became a regular Nazi agent.  Polish journalists have established this as an indisputable fact.

That is why the Hitlerites did not throw Wiesenthal into prison, which he frequently confirms, but rather
sent him there to organize subsequent provocation's.  Evidently he was not lying when he said that he passed
through 5 Nazi prisons and 12 prison camps.  In any case, it is not difficult to imagine how many innocent
victims are on the conscience of this impenitent Zionist provocateur.  It is such loathsome services for the
Fascist killers that were performed in the Yanivsky concentration camp, in which people of various nationalities
found themselves — Ukrainians, Poles, and Jews."

        What the Ukrainian people did do during this period was quite in heroic, helping Jews during Nazi occupation
of Ukraine. Giving many Jews shelter and hiding them from the Nazis was something Metropolitan Andriy Sheptitsky
also did at his monastery in Lviv.  At the time when sheltering Jews was a criminal offense punishable by death.

"Attempts to have the Metropolitan proclaimed a saint have foundered on the protests of some Poles, on the 
propaganda of the Soviets and on the indifference or hostility of certain groups within the Jewish Diaspora. 
In 1994  in his book A Journey Through Illusions, Lewin wrote about how he had tried to interest the American 
Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League of Brith in "this extraordinary saga of assistance." That was 
in 1951! No one cared then. No one seems to be interested now."

    Lubomyr Prytulak who's Web site Ukrainian Archive brings to light the many false accusations brought against
the Ukrainian people.
"The nature of the materials offered in his archive falls into two broad categories.  First, materials displaying
the accomplishments of the people of Ukraine.  Second, materials which refute the disinformation currently in
circulation concerning Ukraine, and which overturn the negative stereotypes of Ukrainians that have been
implanted in some minds through ceaseless repetition.  Typically, one does not find together within one project
elements so seemingly diverse as a celebration of the graphic works of Taras Shevchenko and a rebuttal of
the calumnies spread by Simon Wiesenthal.  However, to my way of thinking, the two efforts do belong together
because they are alternative ends toward the one goal of uniting the Ukrainian people, uplifting their spirits,
and resurrecting their image."


    Apart from the Liberal government, the Canadian Jewish Congress is virtually the only body that supports revocation
of citizenship and deportation without appeal. Even B'nai B'rith has endorsed an appeal process.  This Jewish lobby
group is still going after whomever they can find such as in the case of  Wasyl Odynsky.   Wasyl Odynsky has been
cleared of any charges that he was involved as a Nazi war criminal.   But, the CJC through Ukrainiaphobe media
sources continue smearing anti Ukrainian propaganda.  Having little success in finding Mr. Odynsky guilty of any war
crimes this same lobby group is now coming up with the other ridiculous accusations.  They are now saying that
Mr. Odynsky lied while coming to Canada, and for this he should be striped of his citizenship.  Looking at this smear
campaign from a distance,  I would think the the CJC would be more creative, but what they are resorting to and
pressuring the Canadian Government to change their policy on Denaturalization and Deportation.  They are
grasping on to straws and this circus that is being played out by this lobby group and at the same time by the
Canadian Government is not at all surprising.  The Canadian Jewish Congress has simply exhausted all avenues
of trying to prosecute Ukrainians as Nazi war criminals.

    A recent example is the failed attempt of Office of Special Investigations (O.S.I.) in prosecuting John Demjanjuk
a retired autoworker from Detroit, trying to blame him for being the notorious prison camp guard Ivan the Terrible at
the Treblinka concentration camp. John Demjanjuk was proven not guilty of all these false accusations, but once
again there is no rest in finding some other false charges against him. Demjanjuk's ordeal, however, is not over:
He was stripped of U.S. citizenship in 1981 and he is now fighting to regain it. If he fails, he will face deportation
    What is going to happen next when all these people die off and there is no one else to prosecute.  Are they going
to go after their children, blaming them for being born to parents who did the right thing and now are being called war
criminals and Nazi collaborators.  These  criminal charges have never been substantiated.  Let's start with the premise
that everyone accused of a criminal offense is entitled to the presumption of innocence. While we all agree that Nazism
was one of the most inhuman systems the world has known, where war crimes and crimes against humanity were
perpetrated in an unprecedented scale, justice requires that only the guilty be punished.

    Slowly more examples of the injustice the Ukrainian people had suffered is coming to the forefront.  Another
example of this is the BBC report, on the Mass grave found at a Ukrainian monastery, where remains of more
than 100 people were found under the floors of the monastery in western Ukraine.  The bodies, some of them
carrying the signs of bullets, had been piled in several tiers and covered with construction waste. More than third
of them were children.  Some forensic scientists believe they were victims of the repression by the Stalinist secret
police - the much feared NKVD - in the late 1940s.

      It is quite an irony today that all these truths are beining unveiled after so many years of silence. 
While no substantive proof can be laid today that Stepan Bandera's organization OUN - B
(Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists)
, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army under the leadership
of Roman Shuchevych (Taras Chuprynka) as well as the 1st Division of the Ukrainian National Army
were involved in any wrong doings against their own people as well as the Jewish population.

    We all look forward to the day where this phobia of twisted lying will pass and Ukrainians will be
remembered for their perseverance and strong will.  As strong nation builders and great freedom fighters. 
For their contribution to build a better world in which we all can live in, and for people such as Stepan Bandera
to be recognized as a true Hero of Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini,
    Heroyam Slava!!!

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