From: Oksana Bashuk Hepburn  -

                           Canada spoke the truth about the Ukrainian presidential
                           election and has the right to do so.

                           Canadians should be angry about the way Ukraine has
                           acted in response.

                           COMMENTARY, Inside Ukraine Newsletter
                  Kyiv, Ukraine, Thursday, September 23, 2004

                           KYIV - The Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine, Andrew Robinson,
                           issued a short statement in Kyiv on Tuesday about Canada's concerns
                           that the forthcoming Ukrainian presidential election will fail to meet
                           international democratic standards. The statement urged Ukrainian
                           authorities to take action to address the real serious issues addressed in
                           the statement.

                           The statement by Canada brought up similar concerns that have been
                           expressed openly and widely by many democratic nations and by all
                           international and Ukrainian independent election monitoring
                           organizations. Canada is to be congratulated and supported for making
                           such a fair, honest, open and sincere statement.

                           On Wednesday the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called Canadian
                           Ambassador Robinson in and strongly reprimanded him for the
                           statement. This action and the statements by the Ukrainian Foreign
                           Ministry are shocking and very alarming.

                           One would have expected such an action by the Foreign Ministry of the
                           Soviet Union twenty or thirty years ago but not by the Foreign Ministry
                           of a free, independent, and supposedly democratic Ukraine.

                           All Canadians and especially the tens of thousands of Ukrainian
                           Canadians should be very angry and up-in-arms about such shoddy
                           treatment Canada and its Ambassador to Ukraine, Andrew Robinson,
                           have received from the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. They should not sit
                           idly by and let Ukraine get by with such classic Communist inspired
                           Soviet Union type behaviour.

                           All Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine around the world, including high-
                           level representatives of the United States, countries in the European
                           Union, and other democracies should also object strongly to this type of
                           treatment of Canada by Ukraine. Canada spoke the absolute truth about
                           the presidential election process in Ukraine and has the absolute right to
                           do so.

                           The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said the statement was out of line with
                           Canada's interest in developing ties with Ukraine in the spirit of
                           partnership, mutual trust and respect. Quite the opposite is true. Ukraine
                           was totally out of line in reprimanding Canada in light of Ukraine's stated
                           interest in developing ties with Canada and other democratic nations in
                           the spirit of partnership, mutual trust and respect.

                           The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said such a statement gives it reason to
                           doubt that Ambassador Robinson informs his government about the real
                           situation in Ukraine in an objective manner. This statement sounds
                           exactly like one made in recent weeks by Soviet KGB trained Russian
                           President Vladimir Putin about all the ambassadors of democratic
                           nations who speak out about the violation of democratic principles in
                           Russia and Ukraine.

                           It is not surprising that it did not take long for the Canadian Foreign
                           Ministry to react to Ukraine and state strongly that its Ambassador to
                           Ukraine was acting on instructions from Ottawa. The Ministry said the
                           Ambassador was acting on behalf of the nation of Canada, not on behalf
                           of himself. The Canadian Foreign Ministry is to be congratulated for
                           having its Ambassador make such a statement about the forthcoming
                           Ukrainian presidential election and for coming to his defense quickly.

                           The Ukrainian Canadian community should immediately indicate their
                           support for the stand taken by the Canadian government and should also
                           let their friends in Ukraine know how they feel about the shoddy way
                           Canada has been treated by the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. This type
                           of Soviet style treatment needs to stop. Ukrainian Canadians can help.

                           Interested persons can communicate with the Canadian Ambassador to
                           Ukraine, Andrew Robinson, by sending e-mails for him to:

                           Inna Tsarkova
                           Political/Economic Program Officer
                           Canadian Embassy in Kyiv

                           Faxes can be sent to the Embassy at:
                           380 44 464 1133 and
                           380 44 464 1131

                           Letters can be sent to:
                           Ambassador Andrew Robinson
                           Embassy of Canada
                           31 Yaroslaviv
                           Val, Kyiv, Ukraine 01901.

                           The Embassy website is

                           The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be contacted at::
                           H.E. Kostyantyn Hryshchenko
                           Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
                           1, Mykhailivska sq., Kyiv, Ukraine 01018.

                           Phones: +38 (044) 226 3379, 226 3169