Ukraine court tosses Yanukovich appeal

Associated Press

Kiev The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected losing presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych's appeal of last month's repeat election, handing the opposition another victory in its bid for the presidency.

The three-judge panel threw out his request to invalidate voting in all of Ukraine's 225 election districts due to massive fraud. The panel did not immediately explain its ruling.

The appeal was a bid to overturn the Central Election Commission's unanimous refusal last week to consider a similar complaint.

Mr. Yanukovych, who has one more chance to appeal, has said openly that he had little hope of success, but he vowed to fight against the Dec. 26 vote, which preliminary results show Mr. Yushchenko winning.

Mr. Yanukovych's campaign had said their main appeal is still to come and would be filed with the Central Election Commission only after the Central Election Commission announces the final results.

The campaign will then seek to prove that massive fraud made it impossible to determine the winner of the vote.